You probably won’t find it shocking that a good night’s sleep can make all the difference in your day. Most of us have experienced the misery of the long, difficult day that follows a night without the proper sleep.

But in addition to being able to make it through the day, there are many surprising health benefits of sleep that you may not know. These benefits are showing researchers that the importance of sleep cannot be understated and proving to us all that we should be making good sleep a top priority. Here are the top 10 reasons why sleep is important for your health, happiness and success.

Improve Your Memory

If you’re feeling forgetful, you might be tired – boost your memory power by giving your brain a rest.

Live Longer

Sleep reduces health risk factors like stress and disease, so sleeping better can extend your lifespan.

Knock Out Inflammation

Inflammation is a sneaky culprit in arthritis, heart disease and more. However, sleeping decreases your blood levels of inflammatory proteins.

Find Your Creativity

During sleep, your brain reorganizes your ideas and memories, which can work wonders for spurring creativity.

Boost Performance

One of the best-kept secrets to athletic success? A good night’s sleep, which decreases fatigue and boosts stamina.

Earn Good Grades

Whether it’s you or your children hitting the books, quality sleep has been tied to improved attention and focus, which are important factors in academic performance.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Sleep and your metabolism are operated by the same part of your brain. Being overly tired increases the same hormones that drive your appetite.

Reduce Stress

Feeling rested can lower your stress levels, which in turn can help improve your blood pressure.

Stay Safe

Sleepiness is a leading factor in vehicular and workplace accidents, so making sure you’re well-rested is an important safety measure.

Avoid Depression

Being tired can contribute to depression and anxiety while feeling well-rested has been connected to better emotional stability.

Sleep Well with MATTRESS360

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