You probably already know how important sleep is, and how much it can negatively affect your day when you don’t get enough of it. Even the simplest things will seem like insurmountable challenges, and you’ll probably find yourself feeling moody and irritable.

Unfortunately, lack of sleep is far too common a struggle. However, there are steps you can take to take charge of your sleep health, tips that can help you fall asleep when the clock strikes bedtime. Here are five falling asleep tips for those nights when you’re struggling to doze off.

  1. Put down the electronics. As tempting as it is to reach for your phone or watch some TV right before bed, it can be seriously hindering your sleep. The bright light from electronic devices can trick your brain into thinking its daytime, throwing off your natural sleep rhythm.
  2. Turn down the heat. Studies show that you’ll sleep better in a cooler environment, so turn on a fan and use light, breathable sheets. You’ll be more comfortable and are less likely to spend time tossing and turning.
  3. Try deep breathing. Focusing on something other than the ticking clock can help you quiet your mind, and slow, deep breathing is a natural relaxation technique. Count to five with every inhale and exhale and relax your body’s muscles as much as you can.
  4. Stop checking the clock. Everyone knows how stressful it can be to realize that you’re running out of time to fall asleep, and that can make it even harder to fall asleep. Don’t check the time over and over; simply focus on relaxing your mind and body.
  5. Picture calming images. Counting sheep might be an old sleep trick, but relaxing images (think rolling waves, a quiet forest, or a zen spa setting) are a much more effective technique.

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