In the ever-changing sleep industry, BedTech has earned a solid reputation as an innovator. The BedTech brand is dedicated to staying on top of the latest sleep technology, providing customers with access to cutting-edge sleep products, all at an affordable price. Their product development is based on the idea that optimum sleep health should be accessible on any budget, and you will find that there is a range of fairly-priced, high-quality options to choose from.

Intelligent design and close attention to detail are other factors that set BedTech products apart from other brands. They don’t believe in taking shortcuts, and it shows in every inch of their power-adjustable beds, mattresses, and pillows. Here are some of the premium BedTech products you can find at MATTRESS360, at the lowest prices in the Valley.

  • BedTech Power Adjustable Beds: A BedTech power adjustable bed is the epitome of luxurious comfort, allowing you to adjust the position of your mattress with just the touch of a button. Power-adjustable beds make it convenient and comfortable to not only sleep in your bed, but also watch tv, read a book, or get zero-gravity relief for a truly rejuvenating experience. Additional features include USB charging stations, programmable memory settings, and massage.
  • BedTech Mattresses: Each BedTech mattress incorporates a carefully designed combination of materials to provide you with the optimum support, temperature control, and comfort for a good night’s sleep. Choose from features like high-tech memory foam, washable zip-off covers, and individually-wrapped coils to find the perfect mattress for you. Varying levels of firmness provide excellent comfort, no matter what your sleep style.
  • BedTech Pillows: Not only are BedTech pillows among the most stylish on the market, but they also have some smart features that provide incomparable quality and comfort. Cooling gel technology, Italian memory foam, and reversible sides are just a few of the options you have when it comes to pillows.

At MATTRESS360, we are committed to giving our customers access to a range of high-end sleep brands; making is easy to browse an extensive selection of premium products in our showroom – this is what makes us one of the best mattress stores in Phoenix. We believe that excellent sleep health is the cornerstone for your optimum well-being, and adding quality sleep products to your home shouldn’t destroy your budget. Come down to our Phoenix-area showroom to browse our top-notch deals or contact our team today, and take your first step towards a better night’s sleep.

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