If you’re like a lot of people out there, your father has a done a whole lot for you through the course of your life. While you may never be able to repay him in love and care, you can do your best when it comes to gifts that will really make him smile!
Not every Dad wants the same things, but our list of great gift ideas has something for every type. No matter what he loves, you’ll be able to find an exquisite gift for any occasion, including Father’s Day (if you missed it this month!), birthdays, and holidays. You’ll even be able to track down that perfect retirement gift if he is finally leaving the rat race.

A New Mattress

Buying somebody a mattress might seem like an odd gift, but if your father is the type to always put everybody else first, there’s a good chance he’s sleeping on one he bought in the 1980s! That’s not very good for Dad’s back or the overall amount or quality of sleep he’s going to get each night.
Splurge and get your Dad a new mattress for any occasion. Mattresses come in all different price points these days, so you don’t have to worry about maxing out your credit cards just for a solid model.

A Fine Watch

Even if your father already seems to have every gadget under the sun, you really can’t go wrong with a brand new watch. Depending on Dad’s needs though, chances are you’re going to want to invest in something of higher quality, and something he can wear in more formal situations.
That’s because Dad probably already has all the casual watches he wants or needs. Besides, a fine watch that he can really show off makes a stunning gift, even if he’s already got one or two in his wardrobe.
Add an engraved message to the back of the watch as a nice extra touch to show you really put some thought into the gift.

A Barbecue Grill

It might sound like a cliché that all Dad’s love to stand around the grill and talk with the guys, but in most cases, Dad’s love to stand around the grill and talk with the guys. So this year, get him a grill that’s really worth talking about.
If your Dad loves to grill, you probably already know his preference when it comes to gas or charcoal, but if you’re not sure, a couple of probing questions or a comment about a good recipe you saw will help you find the answer.
Buy something extra fancy for Dad this year and he’ll be feeding you some great grilled meals every time you come to visit. That doesn’t hurt anybody!

A Good Bottle

If your Dad doesn’t ever drink, you can disregard this suggestion. However, if your Dad loves a good glass of scotch or a snifter of brandy from time to time, you can’t go wrong getting him something truly special.
When you’re buying alcohol, look for a unique variety of a favorite brand that you know he hasn’t had before – or at least he probably hasn’t had before. If Dad is more of a wine guy than a Scotch or brandy fan, try to locate a particularly old bottle from a seller known to keep their vintage wines properly cellared.

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