When it comes to creating the ideal sleep environment, it turns out that almost all five senses should be considered. Not only should your nightly sleep space be quiet, comfortable, and dark (to satisfy your senses of hearing, touch, and sight), but it should also have a subtly pleasing scent.

Look at it this way: if your bedroom has an overwhelming smell that makes it difficult for you to relax, how likely are you to get a good night’s sleep? In contrast, the right scents can actually help contribute to high-quality sleep, making it easier to fall asleep (and stay asleep). And interestingly, one research study even found that smell can shape your dreams!

According to the National Sleep Foundation, lavender is often considered the scent that best supports sleep – and a growing number of scientists and sleep researchers agree. Through its aromatherapeutic properties, lavender could be your secret to enjoying the best sleep of your life.

Lavender: Nature’s Plant of Peacefulness

The use of lavender as an all-natural aid is a practice that dates back to ancient times. Both the ancient Greeks and Romans made use of lavender in a variety of ways, and it was a staple at the markets of the time.

Today, you can find lavender in a huge array of products, including essential oils, candles, soaps, bath bombs, cleaning products, and so many more. Lavender is a common culinary ingredient, especially in teas and baked goods. It’s easily one of the most universally-appreciated scents, and the plant itself is found in countless gardens around the globe. 

But perhaps the most widespread use of lavender is as a natural way to supplement your sleep routine. For generations, it’s been something that’s had a place in the bedroom, helping to add a sense of relaxation and calmness that supports better sleep.

The Science Behind the Love for Lavender

The calming power of lavender is more than just folklore; actually, there are a number of scientific studies that highlight its therapeutic properties. 

Lavender has been shown to decrease blood pressure and heart rate, which can contribute to a calmer, more relaxed state. Another study involved the monitoring of sleep study subjects’ brain waves in an effort to measure the possible effects of smelling lavender before bed. Results showed that the subjects that incorporated the lavender’s scent into their bedtime routine enjoyed deeper sleep and awoke feeling more refreshed. Infants also benefited from lavender for better sleep, with a lavender-scented bath correlating with less crying and better sleep. 

Even for individuals suffering from insomnia, lavender has been found to have excellent potential as a treatment. Some studies found that regular use of lavender oil could even help people that regularly require medication to fall or stay asleep.

For anyone that’s wondered if lavender and relaxation go hand in hand, these research studies are promising to say the least. In our eyes, the stance on lavender is pretty clear: this lovely scent might just be the key to deeper, more restful sleep.

New Malouf Pillow Types Combine Comfort with Aromatherapy

So, now that you know how lavender can help you sleep, what does that mean for enhancing your regular rest routine? Although products such as lavender pillow sprays and diffused lavender oils are popular options, there is now an even better way to put lavender to good use.

As one of the industry’s best sleep brands and an innovator in sleep technology, Malouf is combining the latest in advanced design with the ancient art of aromatherapy. Their Z™ Zoned Dough® pillows are constructed using premium memory foam infused with a series of all-natural oils.

Included in this exciting new lineup is the Z™ Zoned Dough® Lavender Pillow, which combines a comfort-focused construction with the calming properties of lavender oil. Because lavender can be an effective way to nurture relaxation, incorporating it into the pillows’ design makes perfect sense. 

The Z™ Zoned Dough® Lavender Pillow is available in a full range of sizes, including handy options for travel:

  • Queen
    • Dimensions: 16×29 (Inches)
    • 6-inch Loft
  • King
    • Dimensions: 16×35 (Inches)
    • 6-inch Loft
  • Travel
    • Dimensions: 12×16 (Inches)
    • 4-inch Loft
  • Travel Neck
    • Dimensions: 11×12 (Inches)
    • 4-inch Loft

This makes it easy to create a comfortable, calming sleep space at home and ensure that you enjoy those same benefits while on the go.

And it’s not just the infusion of lavender that will help you sleep better – every aspect of these top-of-the-line pillows has been engineered for optimal comfort:

  • Zoned Dough® memory foam for the ideal, curve-conforming texture that’s perfectly plush
  • A zoned comfort design to provide proper neck support and gently cradle your head
  • A Tencel™ cover that wicks away excess moisture and keeps you cool and comfortable

Discover New Types of Pillows to Enhance Your Sleep

When you’re focused on improving your nightly sleep quality, a new mattress is probably the first thing you think about. And while investing in an excellent mattress should absolutely be a top priority, don’t underestimate the power of pillows. 

Instead of settling for the subpar pillows from your local big-box store, why not upgrade your sleep space with the ultimate in comfort? MATTRESS360 is a Phoenix mattress store that not only carries an extensive selection of the best mattresses in the industry but also offers a carefully curated collection of pillows, sheets, and more. 

Included in our Glendale sleep store’s diverse inventory is a wide range of pillow options from Malouf, a brand that’s established itself as a leader in innovation, scientifically-backed design, and top-quality construction. Here, you can experience Malouf’s new Z™ Zoned Dough® Lavender Pillow, which is just one of their exciting new series of aromatherapy memory foam pillows. Whether your perfect night’s sleep is subtly scented with lavender, peppermint, or another all-natural oil, MATTRESS360 has the right pillows for you.

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