According to the U.S. Sleep Foundation, about thirty percent of adults sleep in the buff, which may sound like a surprisingly high number. However, it seems that that one in three people might have discovered a little sleep health secret that the rest of us could learn from: as it turns out, nude sleeping is beneficial in some ways.

Dude, Try Sleeping Nude

If you’re thinking about trying out nude sleeping to maximize your sleep health, there is something you should know first: you’ll miss out on most of the benefits if you aren’t working from a good starting point. This means that you should have a high-quality mattress and pillow, providing good support and excellent comfort. Add in a set of premium sheets, and you’ve created the ideal environment to try out sleeping in the buff.

Here are just a few of the benefits that you’ll notice when you sleep in the nude:

  1. You’ll sleep better. When you’re sleeping nude, you’ll stay much cooler and are less likely to get tangled up in your pajamas. This equals less tossing and turning, and a better night’s sleep.
  2. Your metabolism will get a quick kick. This goes hand in hand with keeping your body cool while sleeping. An optimal temperature can provide your metabolism with an extra boost, helping you burn fat even during your sleep.
  3. It’s good for your reproductive health. By avoiding constricting clothes and too-warm pajamas, you’ll improve your overall reproductive health. Bacteria and skin irritation won’t have a chance once you’re sleeping in the buff.

As you can see, if you’re looking for ways to maximize your sleep health, nude sleeping might just do the trick. However, the most important step you can take towards a good night sleep is to ensure you have created an optimal sleep environment. This means investing in a supportive and comfortable mattress, high-quality pillow, and soft, temperature-regulating sheets.

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