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Did you know that your bed’s frame can affect whether you get a good night’s sleep? If you’re sleeping on an older bed, a substandard frame, or if you just feel that it’s time for a change, check out our large selection of headboards and frames at our Glendale, AZ location. Changing the frame and headboard of your bed, in addition to providing you with more comfort at night, can elevate the look of your bedroom overall.

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Choosing The Right Headboard or Frame

Do you like platform beds or bed frames that allow the use of traditional box springs? Maybe you have a strong preference, or you might have never questioned your sleep surface before — especially if you were not the one who chose the bed in the first place. Read through our guide below to determine what to look for when choosing a new headboard and bed frame.


Though many customers take the headboard for granted, for many, it’s actually a separate part of the bed. You don’t technically need a headboard, but you’ll probably want one. They offer many benefits:

  • Headboards prevent your head or arms from hitting the wall at nighttime 
  • Headboards provide a place for your pillows to rest (the more pillows you have, the more you may want to consider using a headboard to prop them up)
  • Headboards can feature colors, designs, or patterns that help to complete the look of your room

Which type of headboard should you choose? That’s often up to you, but if you’re planning a bedroom makeover or already have a specific bed frame, you may need to purchase a specific type of headboard that fits the frame. An upholstered headboard, for example, may seem homey and comforting. Using one to create an ambiance with lamps, pillows, and a new comforter can add a sense of sophistication and class to a room.

Many people may not want a headboard because they have chosen a minimalistic platform bed frame to stand by itself. That’s ok, too! Whether you’re looking for a new bed frame, a headboard, or a combination of the two, we’ve got you covered with several choices, including our Malouf designer products.

Bed Frames

If you’re considering replacing an older bed frame with a new one, you may be surprised by modern bed frame options. Platform beds, while they may seem like a trend, are here to stay. Doing away with the box spring isn’t for everyone, but if you prefer your bed to have fewer parts, a sleeker aesthetic, and possible storage options, a platform bed may be for you.

Platform slats can typically accommodate any type of mattress, and they’re well-suited to memory foam. It’s best to remember that all frames have pros and cons, so if you’re looking for a taller bed to climb into, know that platform beds are usually lower to the ground. These frames can be made from metal, wood, or a combination of the two, and many options can come with a color of upholstery that you can choose.

If you still prefer a classic frame that includes a box spring, rest assured that you have many options. Box springs are great for those who sleep on their sides and prefer softer mattresses, and they add to a timeless or charmingly old-fashioned ambiance in a bedroom. Unlike platform beds, they can be taller due to the height of the frame and box spring. Though it’s possible to put a box spring on a platform, it’s usually not advisable as platform slats are suited to hold just a mattress. Like platform frames, steel or metal frames that support box springs can be paired with many of our headboards.

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Changing your bed frame is not something that people often think to do if the bed has been in your room for a while. Occasionally, you may need a different type of frame due to the purchase of a new mattress or even to support better health, but shopping for your home can often be uncomfortable in stores that utilize a high-pressure sales model. Often, this type of process turns off customers who would rather learn from friendly representatives that are willing to answer their questions: That’s the type of model we strive to provide our clients.

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