Malouf Pillows


A brand known for representing the epitome of industry innovation and thoughtful design, Malouf has built a reputation for crafting an unmatched selection of top-quality pillows and other sleep products. Their pillows incorporate advanced sleep technology and premium materials, genuinely raising the bar for an excellent night’s sleep.


A Malouf Pillow to Suit You

Malouf pillows come in an extensive range of styles, offering options for all sleep styles, price points, and preferences. Designed to deliver customized comfort and excellent support, they are unlike anything you’ve experienced before.
One of the defining features of the Malouf brand is their incredible talent for innovation. Their pillows boast a diverse range of features, many of which you won’t see in pillows anywhere else in the world. Malouf’s designers and sleep experts understand how to think beyond traditional pillow design boundaries, expanding upon what is possible in terms of comfort and style.
Here are just a few of the cutting-edge features you can expect when you explore Malouf pillows for sale:

  • The brand’s proprietary ActiveDough™ foam is a unique memory foam blend that captures the best characteristics of latex and traditional memory foam. Superior support, ideal cushioning, customized contouring, and a quick-response feel are among Malouf’s signature foam benefits.
  • Infusions of lavender, camomille, peppermint, and other relaxation-promoting scents add a light scent and calming effect to your pillow, increasing the pillow’s sleep-supporting properties with natural elements.
  • Memory foam infused with carbon moves heat away from your body, ensuring that you are comfortably cool all night long.
  • Ventilated pillow construction facilitates airflow and maintains breathability.
  • Zoned technology provides specifically-designed comfort and support to different regions of the pillow, meeting the specific needs of your head and neck.
  • Malouf contoured pillows consider each sleep style’s comfort requirements, taking positioning into account in the pillow’s actual shape. For example, a pillow with a recessed cutout allows space for a side sleeper’s shoulder, promoting healthy alignment and ideal comfort. Another of Malouf’s contoured pillows is crafted for back sleepers, ensuring correct spine and neck alignment to cut down on pain and discomfort.
  • A one-of-a-kind gelled microfiber gives you the softness and comfort of real down, but without any of the frustrating clumping, shifting, or odor build-up. You’ll no longer have to deal with allergens, pointed quills, and other common feather pillow problems once you switch to Malouf’s gelled microfiber.

Browse Malouf and Other Luxury Pillow Brands at MATTRESS360

Don’t underestimate the importance of selecting a high-quality pillow – your mattress is the foundation of a good night’s sleep, but an excellent pillow is a must as well. MATTRESS360 has curated an excellent collection of the best pillow brands in the industry, including Malouf and other well-respected names. Regardless of your sleep style, price point, and specific preferences, you can find pillow options that work exceptionally well for you at our Phoenix-area mattress store.
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