Everybody knows that you have to work hard if you want to get ahead in this world. Successful people from every walk of life, ranging from Hollywood movie stars to technology giants all put in some serious work.
Even rock stars and media moguls have to sleep though, and if you’re always wired from the day, it can be hard to fall asleep and get enough rest to make your next day productive. So what kind of nighttime routines do successful people really have?
Use this guide to learn more about what those who have found fortune and fame do – or did – for their nighttime routines. You might be surprised how much they have in common.


Sleep is the first thing that everybody thinks of when discussing a nighttime routine. When it comes to successful people though, the amount of sleep they get seems to be pretty much all over the place.
Elon Musk, the tech giant who formed PayPal and builds rockets to go into outer space, claims he sleeps about six hours per night. He even tracks his sleep with a smartphone app to make sure he’s getting it.
Donald Trump, the presidential candidate you either love, hate or just love to laugh at, sleeps as little as possible. He claims he only gets three to four hours of sleep each night because it gives him an edge over the competition
Beethoven slept just about eight hours per night and usually went to bed before 10pm. A notorious early morning worker, he preferred composing while most were still in their pajamas.
So what does that say about sleep? It says that you need to find out what works for you and stick with it!

Try Reading

From Bill Gates to Barack Obama and Arianna Huffington, reading seems to be the one thing that many successful people have in common. Sure, reading makes you smarter and teaches you about the world around you, but there’s also some evidence that it helps reduce stress and helps you get ready for some sound shut-eye.
While Gates, Obama and Huffington might be reading different things in bed, they all claim to skip tablets and smartphones, opting for traditional paper books instead. That might be sound advice considering the fact that many researchers say the blue light emitted by laptops, tablets, smartphones and televisions can mess with our sleep patterns and make it difficult to get the rest we really need each and every night.

Just Have Some Routine

When talking about the nighttime routines of celebrities and those doing well in their chosen fields, it’s easy to focus in on the fact that they’re very busy and may not have enough time to get the recommended eight hours of sleep. One thing you’ll find though, in almost every case, is that successful people have some sort of nighttime routine that they do habitually.
Carl Jung, the famed psychotherapist, always cooked dinner and ate with his family. Henry James, the writer, would spend his last waking hour in the evening making notes for the next day. Benjamin Franklin spent his last minutes of each day reflecting on the good he’d done that day.
Whatever your nighttime routine is, simply having a routine really does mean something. It also seems to have helped those who lived successful lives.

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