ReST Smart Bed Technology

The ReST brand has earned industry attention for being the creator of the first smart mattress on the sleep market. Using top-of-the-line technology, the ReST mattress creates the optimal sleeping conditions, perfectly customized for your body and sleep habits. Plus, the smart bed technology extends beyond the mattress – you’ll have access to an impressive sleep data feature that you can easily access on your smartphone or tablet.

The Smart Bed of the Future

We can guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like the ReST smart mattress. The bed offers three different modes, each one providing an incomparable level of comfort and support:

  • Automatic mode allows the ReST smart bed to take all the guesswork out of a good night’s sleep. The incredible position-detecting technology allows the mattress to make continuous adjustments throughout the night in order to provide excellent support depending on your position.
  • Position detection mode lets you set the mattress firmness for both back and side sleeping. Then, as you sleep, the smart bed detects position changes and adjusts to your desired settings.
  • Manual mode allows you to take control and set customized settings for each zone of the mattress, including head, shoulders, lumbar, hips and legs. You can switch up the settings as your needs and preferences change.

In addition to the incredible ability to make real-time adjustments every single night, the ReST smart mattress comes with a high-tech feature called ReSTdash™. Here, you can view your personal sleep data to learn more about the quality of your sleep. This information can help you improve your sleep habits, feel more well-rested and boost your overall quality of life.

Premium Construction, Materials and Design

The impressive qualities of the ReSt bed don’t begin and end with its technological features. The removable mattress cover is washable and made with a digitally imaged sleep surface to maximize comfort and temperature regulation. Gel-infused memory foam and a dynamic air support system create layers of support, preventing tossing and turning.

Experience the ReST Smart Bed in Glendale, AZ

If you’re interested in learning more about the ReST smart mattress or want to experience the high-tech comfort for yourself, you can visit the MATTRESS360 showroom or contact our team today. As a top provider of sleep essentials in the Phoenix area, we have a top-of-the-line selection that includes the best of the best.