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You may recognize Jonathan and Drew Scott from their hit HGTV shows, “Property Brothers,” “Brother vs. Brother,” and “Buying & Selling,” all series that follow the twin brothers on their adventures in interior design. Most people know the brothers for their keen sense of style and their impressive talent for transforming any space – but many people don’t realize that the Scott brothers have also created a line of premium latex mattresses.

Jonathan and Drew Scott know how to make a bedroom look and feel beautiful, but they also understand that it’s what under the sheets that counts. Every Scott Living mattress utilizes advanced technology, premium materials, and high-quality construction to provide the ultimate in comfort and durability. So much of the brothers’ careers and fame has been built upon their ability to transform fixer-uppers into dream homes for their clients, and their goal for Scott Living mattresses is to make both function and style accessible to everyone.

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Improve Your Sleep with an Award-Winning Mattress

Scott Living Mattresses have been honored as one of the top-rated mattresses in the industry, receiving the distinction of the Women’s Choice Award from 2011 to 2019. For eight years running, Scott Living Mattresses have consistently been one of the most customer-recommended brands in the business, earning impressive ratings and positives from the people who matter most. Instead of putting profit first, the Scott brothers have dedicated their brand to serving the needs and wants of their customers and guarantee the absolute best.

When you experience Scott Living Mattresses at our mattress store in Phoenix, you’ll quickly discover why they’re asleep industry favorite. Every single mattress is assembled by hand, allowing for the utmost attention to detail and the highest standard of quality. Using impeccable materials and a patented construction method, Scott Living Mattresses are carefully crafted to provide you with an excellent night’s sleep.

Find a Scott Living Mattress to Suit Your Sleep Style in Glendale, AZ

Not sure if Scott Living Mattresses are right for you? At the MATTRESS360 showroom, our experienced team can help you find the right Scott Living match to fit your specific needs. Using our knowledge and unparalleled expertise, we can guide you in the shopping process to ensure you select a mattress you truly love.

Scott Living Mattresses are offered in a wide range of styles, making it possible for everyone to find one that serves them perfectly.

Whichever Scott Living Mattresses model you choose, you can be confident that you’re getting a top-quality product at an excellent price at MATRESS360’s showroom in Glendale, AZ.

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