According to a recent study conducted by the animal lovers at the American Pet Product Association, more than half of Americans let their pet sleep in bed with them. While snuggling up to your pet may seem like second nature, there is quite a bit of debate over whether or not it is the way to a good night’s rest.

Some people can not imagine turning in for the night without their beloved pet by their side, while others believe that their bed is a humans-only zone. ― Here is a closer look at the pros and cons of sharing a bed with your pet to better determine where you fall on the snuggle spectrum.

Pros of Sleeping with Your Pet

sleeping with your pet

For many people, a dog (or cat) is man’s best friend; and that includes cuddling up for a good night’s sleep. Here are a few of the benefits of letting your pet share your bed: Pets can promote relaxation. Having your pet in bed with you can add to your feelings of security, helping you relax and sleep better.

Pets can reduce depression. For many people, their dog or cat is a source of positive emotional support and comfort. This is something that can carry over into the night hours, decreasing feelings of depression that may strike at bedtime.

Pets can create warmth. Most people agree that their pets give them a warm fuzzy feeling, but have you ever noticed that they make you feel warm as well? Dogs, in particular, have a body temperature that is about 3-6 degrees higher than humans, making them like a furry, portable radiator to snuggle with on a cold night.

Cons of Sleeping with Your Pet

On the other side of the debate are the people who love their pets dearly but are not sure about inviting them into their bed for the night. Here are a few drawbacks to sleeping with your pet: Pets can toss and turn, just as humans do. Just like with any human sleeping partner, sharing your bed with a pet can mean having to deal with their nighttime movements. They might toss and turn, or even jump out of bed in the middle of the night, disturbing your sleep and altering your sleep cycles.

Pets can bring dirt and germs into your bed. Even the most well-groomed dog or cat can bring contaminants into your bed, including dirt, germs, bugs, and more. Pets can also increase the presence of allergens in your sleep environment, which can be particularly problematic for people with allergies or asthma.

How To Get Great Sleep

a good nights sleep

Whether you decide to cuddle up with your furry friend or keep the bed all to yourself, a comfortable mattress is a key to a good night’s sleep. At MATTRESS360, we have a wide selection of mattress options to fit every sleep style, with premium mattresses from the best brands in the business. One of the best parts about shopping with us is that our prices are the lowest in the Valley. Therefore, you will not have to break the bank for a high-quality mattress leaving more money in your pocket to spoil your pet. After all, there is no such thing as too many treats and toys.

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