When it comes to mattress sizes, we often hear buzzwords like California king size or queen size, but it’s difficult to understand what those names actually mean until you see them for yourself. This guide will walk you through the different mattress sizes that are widely available so you can see which one is best suited to your needs.

Toddler Beds

Toddler mattresses are designed to fit inside of standard-sized cribs, as well as transition into a toddler bed frame. These mattresses are perfect for any child under the age of 3. Not all manufacturers offer a toddler bed option.

Twin Mattresses

Twin mattresses are the next step up from toddler beds, and they are the first “real” mattresses you will find. Twin beds are perfect for children or teenagers, or even single adults, although they are pretty narrow for most adults. Nevertheless, twin size mattresses are perfect for day beds, most bunk beds, or for your guest room.

Twin XL

On rare occasions, a twin XL may be the answer. Twin XLs are common in shared living spaces, as they are the same width as a regular twin but offer an 5 extra inches in length.

Full Size

Full size mattresses tend to be the entry-level adult mattress. With an extra 15 inches in width compared to a twin mattress, it is possible for a couple to share a full size, although it may still be a little tight shoulder to shoulder.

Queen Size

Queen size beds are the most popular mattresses for couples. They offer another 7 inches of width over a full size, and they offer the extra 5 inches of length over a twin or full. These mattresses offer plenty of space and comfort while still fitting well in most standard sized rooms.

King Size

A king size is the same length as a queen size but is 16 inches wider. It is roughly the size of two twin beds pushed side to side, and in most cases, your box spring will come in two twin size pieces to fit through doorways. King size beds are great if you want personal space or you don’t want to disturb your partner during restless nights.

California King

Plenty of people talk about the California king as the ultimate goal, but few people actually require this size. A Cali King is actually narrower than a standard king, but it offers extra length for those who are taller.

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