Having an adjustable bed may have seemed like an extravagance at one point in time, but now more and more households are learning the benefits of adjustable beds for comfort and convenience. Adjustable beds are more affordable than ever before, and they allow for a more personalized sleeping experience, even if you share a bed with your partner.

Adjustable Beds for Health and Comfort

There are a number of reasons that an individual may want an adjustable bed in their home. For instance, adjustable beds make it easy to raise your chest and head to alleviate symptoms of acid reflux and snoring. They can also be used to raise the legs and feet of people who have poor circulation. Anyone who suffers from these conditions can get a more restful night’s sleep with only minor adjustments.

Aside from chronic illnesses that affect your sleep, there are also some common comfort problems that can be solved with an adjustable base. Many people watch TV in bed or read a book before they go to sleep. We often crane our necks or prop ourselves up poorly against a pillow. Unfortunately, this can lead to neck and lower back pain that doesn’t go away by morning time. An adjustable bed makes it easy to sit up without straining yourself.

Choosing an Adjustable Bed

There are several important factors in choosing an adjustable bed. First, you want to look at the overall quality of the construction. While there are some budget-brand adjustable beds available, they often come with very thin supports or they do not properly hold your mattress in place.

Next, you should consider sizing. Some adjustable beds are made to fit inside of an existing bed frame. Others are made as standalone units. If you are particularly attached to your bed frame, you will need to find one that fits it.

Finally, you need to consider which features are most important to you. Would you prefer a wired or wireless remote? Do you want each side of the mattress to move independently, or are you OK with both sides moving together? What kind of service and warranties do you need to feel confident in your purchase?

There are plenty of reasons to check out adjustable beds today. More and more companies have released new adjustable base beds that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. These modern beds are designed to maximize the utility and comfort of your bedroom all day and night. Mattress360 is here with all of the latest adjustable bed options for you to test out when you stop by our showroom!

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