Choosing the right type of mattress to suit your sleep needs can be a challenge – but when you’re shopping for a mattress for two, the task gets even more complicated. Not only do you need to find a mattress that’s comfortable for both of you, but you also have to take your different preferences and sleep styles into account.

But neither you nor your partner should have to struggle with inadequate sleep, mainly because it is possible to find a bed that checks all the boxes for both of you. The experts at MATTRESS360 have put together a practical guide that explains exactly how to find the best mattress for couples to fit everything from your specific sleep styles to your budget.

Tips for Choosing a Couples-Friendly Mattress

Before you bring home a brand-new bed, here are a few useful tips to help you be a savvy shopper:

  1. Ideally, you both should be involved in the shopping process.
    One of the most common mistakes couples make when looking for a new bed is buying something that only one of them has actually tried. You’re both going to be sleeping on this bed for quite some time, so it only makes sense that you should both be testing out the options.
  2. Have a few top priorities in mind.
    You probably have a good idea of what you want – and what you don’t want – in a new mattress. But if you don’t, take some time to put together a quick list of must-haves. Think about the biggest complaints you have about your current bed so that you can make sure to look for something that offers suitable solutions.
  3. Remember that you are making an investment that will impact your everyday life.
    It can be easy to feel intimidated by the cost of a king-size mattress to share with your partner, but this might help put it into perspective: sleeping well can have positive ripple effects that improve many other aspects of your life. All in all, it’s an investment that’s more than worth it.

The Best Mattresses for Couples

Now that you’re ready to start shopping let’s answer one of the most common questions: what is the best bed for couples? Because everyone has different preferences and sleep styles, there is no one right answer. However, there are a few characteristics you can look for that can contribute to an excellent night’s sleep for both of you:

  • Memory foam: Memory foam minimizes motion transfer, which means that you can still sleep soundly even when your partner turns over in the middle of the night. Plus, because memory foam can offer customized comfort (conforming to your unique body shape), it delivers ideal support for each of you.

    One outstanding memory foam option is the TEMPUR-ProAdapt series. With firm, soft, and medium firmness levels, you can choose the memory foam mattress for couples that’s exactly right for you both. Or, you can opt for a hybrid mattress like the BEDTECH iDream. It combines luxury memory foam and individually-wrapped coils for the best of both worlds, maximizing personalized support and complete comfort for couples.

  • Temperature balance and air circulation: If one of you tends to run warm, look for materials that offer temperature regulation and breathability, such as latex.

    For example, the Scott Living Repose Plus incorporates silver-infused technology for a comfortably cool sleep environment all night long. Another option is the Sealy Premium Hybrid Silver Chill Plush, which combines innovative memory foam and cover material that’s engineered to keep you wonderfully cool.

  • Adjustable bed frames: An adjustable frame allows each of you to make the most of your mattress, adjusting the position of the bed (on each side) for the ultimate in comfort and versatility. These frames are a great option for couples dealing with snoring or other similar sleep issues. With a Dual-King option, each partner will have plenty of space, full control of their own mattress comfort and support level, and the ability to create their own positions as well.

    TEMPUR-PEDIC adjustable beds are one of the top-rated options out there, incorporating ergonomically-engineered comfort and impressive sleep technology. With a BEDTECH adjustable bed frame, you can treat yourselves to fantastic features such as smart technology, one-touch position return, and even memory positions.

Find Your Perfect Mattress Match at MATTRESS360

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