If you’ve been looking for the best pillows for better sleep, the odds are that you’ve come across the Technogel® name. You may have seen their products at a local sleep store or online or heard about them from a friend or family member. But, what exactly is it that makes these the best pillows on the market today? Several brands utilize gel-infused memory foam, so how could Technogel pillows be any different? You may be surprised to hear that they are, in fact, extremely different from anything else the sleep industry has to offer.

Technogel: The Wave of the Future

The secret lies in the high-tech gel that is used in the pillows, unlike any other gel product. Their patented gel is a unique, biocompatible material that combines the adaptability of water with the support of a solid. This allows the gel to contour to your body’s natural curves, while still allowing comfortable range of movement. Your spine and neck will be in healthy alignment, and pressure points will be alleviated.

Tested and Proven Performance

The Technogel company spent a quarter of a century developing this gel technology, conducting countless tests and trials to refine its composition. Pressure mapping was also performed, which showed that Technogel pillows provided better pressure relief than standard memory foam.

Technogel can conform in all directions, meaning your body weight is distributed more comfortably. Instead of sinking into the mattress, you’ll simply be perfectly supported by it. And with better pressure point relief also comes improved circulation and comfortable joints.

Sleep at the Perfect Temperature

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night, sweating uncomfortably from a too-warm bed. However, the Technogel pillow solves that issue by using its conductivity and solid density to naturally absorb the heat, pulling it away from your body. The tower-grid design used to construct the pillow creates an efficient airflow, which further allows for excellent temperature regulation.

Pillows: An Important Factor in a Good Night’s Sleep

If you’re searching for a good night’s sleep, take a closer look at your pillow: is it providing everything that you need? Proper alignment, temperature regulation, and excellent comfort are all important qualities in a pillow, and many cheaply-made pillows simply can’t measure up. Upgrade your pillow, and you’ll find that better sleep is now within reach.

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