Mattress technology has come a long way. Where we once slept on mattresses filled with hay, we now have engineered springs, memory foam, and gel. Few people think of the mattress industry as a hub of innovation, but there is plenty of exciting news to catch up on. If you haven’t purchased a new mattress in the last five to eight years, now is the time to learn about all of the biggest advancements.

Gel-Infused Memory Foam

In the last few years, we have seen an explosion of new memory foam technologies. One of the most successful products recently has been gel-infused memory foam. These mattresses tend to hold up better over time than regular memory foam. The gel provides a bit more firmness and keeps the mattress from wearing down at the biggest pressure points.

Cooling Technology

New research has taken a hard look at the effects of temperature on our sleeping patterns. It was found that we tend to sleep better when our body is kept cool throughout the night. Thus, some of our newest mattresses are carefully designed to maximize airflow through the mattress and help keep your body temperature cool as you sleep.

Hypoallergenic Construction

Further research has determined that the amount of dust, skin cells, and other debris that collects on our mattresses over time can cause health issues. In light of this news, more companies have focused on making their mattresses resistant to allergens and easier to keep clean. This is a big win for anyone with asthma or severe allergies that could be irritated by dust mites in the bed.


In an effort to make our mattresses a bigger part of our lives, some manufacturers have also launched adjustable bases for their beds. This makes it possible to raise your feet or your head. These products are great if you enjoy reading or watching TV in bed, but don’t like craning your neck to do so. These are also great if you need to raise your legs or chest for better circulation, or if you struggle to get out of bed on your own.

These are just a few highlights from the last few years of mattress innovation. Like other products that we use in our lives, mattresses are improving with time, and companies are investing millions to conduct research that leads to a better night’s sleep for all of us. Stop by Mattress360 today to check out our full selection of modern mattresses.

Photo credit: GUNDAM_Ai/Shutterstock