Everyone has done it at one time or another – one minute, you’re relaxing on the couch, watching a movie or an episode of your favorite television show, and the next, you’ve fallen asleep right there. Sometimes it’s just a short doze, other times you wake up to the light of the rising sun. Odds are, if you’ve ever found yourself in this scenario, you also know the side effects of sleeping on the couch: an aching neck and back, not feeling well-rested or refreshed, and wishing you could rewind the clock and sleep in your bed instead.

Put simply; couches are designed for sitting, not sleeping. As comfortable as they seem, with soft cushions and plenty of room to stretch out, couches are just not an ideal place to sleep.

Here are a few of the top reasons you should avoid sleeping on the couch, and head to your bedroom instead:

Couches don’t provide the solid support you need

While high-quality mattresses are designed to provide strategic support to keep your body in proper alignment, couches are simply created for sitting. They’re usually either too soft or too firm and don’t have the specific spring design to prevent you from sinking into the cushions. So, you’ll be far less comfortable and can wake with neck pain, an aching back, and even headaches.

It creates bad sleep habits

A few basic tips for good sleep habits including avoiding television in bed, and not eating in the place that you sleep. For many of us, falling asleep on the couch means doing so with the television on in the background, often after enjoying a late-night snack. This can throw off your bedtime routine, and lead to low-quality sleep and future insomnia issues.

The couch isn’t an optimal sleep environment

Comfortable sleep requires cool, soft bed linens and a dark room, neither of which are probably available when you’re snoozing on the couch. Your chance of waking up because of light, sound, or an uncomfortable temperature go up when you’re on the couch.

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