Mattresses are an important part of your life, as studies have shown we spend a third of our lives asleep. In our world of modern conveniences, you can now buy a mattress online as easily as a shirt or a pair of shoes, but should you?

A Few Things to Consider

First of all, your mattress is vital to your quality of life and your health. The wrong mattress compromises sleep, and compromised sleep affects your immune system, heart health, productivity at work, even your ability to safely drive. So, you need to get the best mattress for you.

If you think you know what that is, think again. Mattresses last long enough that what you bought last time will almost certainly have been discontinued. “Firm” and “soft” have no standards applied to them, so the firm mattress you order from an unfamiliar brand may well be far too soft. The only way to be sure is to actually lie down on the mattress at a reputable retailer like Mattress360.

Another thing to consider is that returning a mattress can be a hassle, and it can be even more of a hassle to return one you bought online. Returning to an online store means you have to box the mattress up, wrap it, and you may even have to take it to a shipping store yourself. Specialist online mattress stores may offer a pick-up service, but online stores are also much less likely to offer a takeaway service – to dispose of your old mattress for you. Disposing of a mattress can be a significant hassle. Plus, there can be hidden restocking fees.

Buying in a store also gives you access to an experienced sleep consultant who can advise you on what you need, and help you decide whether certain options are worth it for you. There is no substitute for experience. A consultant can help customers find the proper sleep system, something that online stores can’t do.

Try Before You Buy

The major advantage, though, is being able to look and lie down on a sample of your chosen mattress before purchase. The benefits of buying a mattress in-store over online are obvious. So, don’t buy a mattress online, but rather go to an actual store like Mattress360 and talk to a trained salesperson about the right choice for you.

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