Hybrid Mattresses

Why Choose a Hybrid Mattress?

A hybrid mattress is an ideal option for customers who are seeking the classic spring and support of a traditional innerspring mattress, combined with the pressure relief and sleep health benefits of memory foam. Hybrid mattresses are a combination of two or more support systems, and all of the high-end hybrid mattresses at the MATTRESS360 showroom have been carefully crafted to create a balanced, comfortable night’s sleep.

You may want to consider a hybrid mattress if you want to experience the benefits of memory foam but aren’t interested in a 100 percent foam mattress. With a hybrid mattress, you’ll notice the sturdy support that you expect from a traditional innerspring mattress, with the added comfort of soft, contoured memory foam.

Because the hybrid mattress utilizes a classic coil system, the classic bouncy, spring-back effect is preserved, which is an important element of good support. Incorporating layers of memory foam add the soft, almost cloud-like effect that can raise your sleep comfort to new levels.

Stearns & Foster Pollock Hybrid Mattress

At MATTRESS360, we carry a wide range of premium hybrid mattresses, all at the best prices in the Phoenix metro area. Here are just a couple of the hybrid mattresses you can find in our showroom:

  • Stearns & Foster Pollock

Stearns & Foster is one of the most respected names in the mattress industry. Their luxurious line of products is revered in homes across the nation. Stearns & Foster is most notable for their dedication to handcrafted excellence and durability.

The Lux Estate Hybrid Collection’s Pollock mattress has the indulgent comfort of exclusive advanced memory foam and the durable support of innovative innersprings that is the perfect combination. This is the only hybrid to earn the Stearns & Foster name.

  • The Sealy Premium Hybrid Copper II Series

The Sealy Premium Hybrid Copper II Series is the top-rated hybrid mattress collection in America, offering both a firm and plush option to suit all preferences. True to the Posturepedic® design, these mattresses utilize Sealy-designed coils for optimal support, combined with Sealy Immersion™ Advanced Foam. This specialized memory foam provides a slow-response contoured comfort, providing a cool, breathable surface.

Hourglass-shaped coils have a dual-stage design that provides a custom level of comfort, adjusting to your body’s specific support needs. In addition, Sealy’s DuraFlex Edge System provides an increased sleep surface, so you can avoid losing comfort towards the mattress’ edge.

Visit the MATTRESS360 showroom to view one of the best selections of mattresses and sleep accessories in Glendale, AZ. There, you can experience the quality and comfort that our premium hybrid mattresses offer. Contact our team to learn more about buying a hybrid mattress and make the first step toward a better night sleep.


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