Stearns & Foster Mattresses for Sale in Phoenix

Stearns & Foster is one of the most respected names in the mattress industry. Their luxurious line of products is revered in homes across the nation. Stearns & Foster is most notable for their dedication to handcrafted excellence and durability. Mattress360 carries all four categories of comfort and support levels. You can find the perfect Stearns & Foster mattress to fit your individual sleep needs.

Mattress360 has been serving residents in Arizona with one of the best mattress showrooms in Glendale for years. We have competitive Stearns & Foster mattress prices and a huge showroom full of mattress samples, so you can test them out for yourself to discover the right level of comfort for you. Our sales team will be happy to help you determine which mattresses fall into each category, so you can quickly find the soft or firm mattresses for you.

The Stearns & Foster Difference

Stearns & Foster entered the mattress industry with a new take on luxury and comfort. Each one of their mattresses is handcrafted by experts to deliver a superior sleep experience. From the stitching on the edges to the internal layers, Stearns & Foster has proven that their mattresses stand the test of time. Their hybrid approach to mattress building features both foam and spring layers to offer just the right combination of support and softness. Each micro coil is placed with your body in mind so you can be sure that you get the same level of comfort from edge to edge.

These mattresses feature hand tufting, cooling layers, and an innovative blend of materials that deliver long-lasting results. You can feel the difference from the moment you first lay down on a Stearns & Foster.

Choosing a Stearns & Foster Luxury Mattress

Here at Mattress360, we have a wide selection of Stearns & Foster mattress options available in Glendale, AZ. From the simple Estate collection to the top end Reserve line, you can find a mattress that fits your exact needs. Each collection goes from firm, plush, pillowtop and Euro top. The Lux Estate collection can be found in pillow top varieties depending on your preferences.

At our mattress store in Phoenix, we carry a wide selection of the most popular, highly-rated mattresses from the Stearns & Foster brand. Here, you’ll be able to shop for the best Stearns & Foster mattresses for sale, all at the lowest prices in the Valley. With help from our friendly, knowledgeable team, you’ll be able to find the perfect mattress from Stearns & Foster to suit your sleep style.

Here are just a few of the Stearns & Foster mattress designs you’ll find at MATTRESS360:

Stearns & Foster Pollock

This hybrid mattress is the ideal balance of pressure-relieving memory foam and supportive coils, delivering incredible comfort for consistently restful sleep. The mattress features the brands signature Indulge Memory Foam, a high-density foam crafted specifically for plush comfort and scientifically-designed pressure relief. At MATTRESS360, you can choose from varying firmness levels in the Pollock style to fit your personal preference.

Stearns & Foster Signature Features

Stearns & Foster has a reputation as one of the best brands in the sleep industry, and for good reason. Through years of innovation, creative designs, and customer-focused research, the brand has developed mattress technology that’s changing the way people enjoy a good night’s sleep. Among the signature features of Stearns & Foster mattresses are the following:

  • The IntelliCoil® coil system, advanced coil design, and structure engineered to provide the ideal blend of adaptive support and comfort
  • Indulge HD Memory Foam, created by Tempur-Pedic’s best scientists specifically for Stearns & Foster and carefully designed for pressure relief and plush luxury
  • The AirVent System, a ventilated coil system that allows heat to escape and helps you maintain a perfectly cool, comfortable body temperature for optimum sleep quality

For more information about these Stearns & Foster mattress features, visit MATTRESS360.

Experience Stearns & Foster Supreme Comfort At Our Showroom

Stearns & Foster’s materials are made with extreme care to supply a luxuriously comfortable mattress. From Indulge Memory Foam to their patented Intellicoil technology, every inch of a Stearns & Foster is stitched with you in mind.

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