The Stearns and Foster Lux Estate line of mattresses is the third tier in the Stearns and Foster family. These mattresses feature upscale comfort and luxury along with innovative mattress technologies and high-performance fabrics to bring you a long lasting, responsive mattress.

With five layers of masterfully-crafted materials, you will find that the Lux Estate line means high quality at affordable prices.

What’s In a Mattress?

For many years, people thought of mattresses as simply a bunch of hard springs with a foam layer on top and a thin layer of fabric holding things together. Today’s mattresses feature a much broader understanding of materials and construction techniques, along with a hefty amount of science concerning how we sleep and how to create a better night’s sleep.

With a Lux Estate mattress, you will be getting a soft, pliable stretch-fit fabric that provides better moisture wicking and temperature control throughout the night.
Beneath that is a layer of foam which is both soft to the touch, but also firm enough that you won’t sink in too far.

Beneath the pillow top foam lays a support layer that is intended to keep your mattress durable and reliable, extending the life of your mattress as long as possible.

Next is a layer of specially designed gel foam, which works to keep you cool as you sleep, and providing more support as it forms to your body.
Lastly, the foam wrapped coils provide a solid structure at the core of the mattress all the way to the edges. These coils will hold up to a wide variety of pressure types and won’t begin to sag or collapse at the edges.

Special Features

In addition to the advanced construction techniques used in all of Stearns and Foster’s mattresses, the Lux Estate line also has several enhanced features for your pleasure.

These mattresses are hand-tufted for quality and precision during construction. They also have patented air vents along the outside of the mattress, another feature that adds to the breathability of the mattress and keeps you at the perfect sleeping temperature night after night.


The Lux Estate line has a lot to offer for any mattress shopper. From twin size beds all the way up to California Kings, you can find a size that works for you.
You can also choose from several different models including firm, supportive mattresses and plush pillow tops. Stearns and Foster is also happy to offer extra-long beds for those who need the extended leg room.


The Stearns and Foster Lux Estate lineup is an impressive showcase of how far mattresses have come in recent years. Combining exquisite materials and patented sleep technology, there is plenty to be impressed by and you can experience these beds for yourself at our Glendale mattress store.
At Mattress360, we offer the best Stearns and Foster selection in the Valley. Stop by today and surround yourself in comfort!

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