If you’re shopping for a new mattress, it’s likely that you have a few key priorities in mind. For most mattress shoppers, comfort is of the utmost importance. Quality is also at the top of the list, with most shoppers agreeing that durability and longevity are characteristics they aren’t willing to compromise on. Finally, the budget is a non-negotiable for nearly everyone, with many people hoping to find a high-quality mattress for under a certain dollar amount.

While it can be challenging to find a mattress collection that checks all of these boxes, there are a handful of premium options that promise to satisfy all your essential requirements and more. The Sealy Crown Jewel series is one such collection, offering the ultimate in comfort and quality for a fair price.

Advanced, Luxury-Level Coil System

Many mattress shoppers assume that the higher the price tag, the better the mattress. While the adage, “you get what you pay for,” does have some merit, you can also find highly affordable options made with premium construction and materials. The Sealy Crown Jewel series is one of these budget-friendly lines, incorporating high-end coil design at a fair price that’s within many budgets.

The Sealy StabilityPlus™ Coil System manages to be lightweight yet impressively durable, giving you the solid support you need without wearing out prematurely. Instead of waking up to discover a sagging, uncomfortable mattress after a year or two, you’ll be able to enjoy optimized coil support for years to come. Firm yet comfortable, the coils are engineered to provide full-body comfort that supports proper body alignment.

Each coil has been encased, creating a targeted system of support that focuses on meeting your specific comfort needs. The areas of your body that are most in need of support will receive it as needed, and you’ll find that you wake to feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

High-End Features and Materials

In addition to a cutting-edge coil design, the Sealy Crown Jewel mattresses also incorporate many of Sealy’s top trademark features. Sealy ComfortForm lends an extra layer of softness and comfort to many of the mattresses, providing the cloud-like feel that so many people enjoy. The CoreSupport™ Center has additional support in the center third of the mattress, making sure the heaviest part of your body is aligned correctly. Also, the SolidEdge™ System increases durability and allows you the make the most of your mattress, increasing sleeping area and maximizing overall comfort.

Beautifully Designed with Thoughtful Details

Gone are the days when your choice of mattresses was limited to options covered in cheap fabric and unattractive floral print. Now, high-end brands like Sealy are creating mattresses that are as beautiful as they are comfortable, proving that you don’t always have to sacrifice form for function.

The Sealy Crown Jewel series of mattresses features a classic white exterior with contrasting piping, ensuring that even the lightest and sheerest of sheets won’t be ruined with a see-through pattern. The light fabric is designed to stand up to stains, so you can be confident it will maintain its brand-new, pristine look for quite some time. You’ll notice intricately-stitched patterns, which not only add a delicate touch but also serve important functions for the comfort and durability of your mattress.

Smart details like vertical side handles make the Sealy Crown Jewel Series stand apart from many other budget-friendly mattresses. Using the strategically placed handles, you can easily reposition your mattress and rotate it regularly. While details such as these may seem small, you might be surprised to learn that they can have a significant impact on the long-term usability of your mattress.

Browse Premium Mattress Options at MATTRESS 360

Whether you’ve already decided that the Sealy Crown Jewel mattress is the one for you, or you want to explore more options, MATTRESS360 can help. Our selection of high-quality mattresses includes the Sealy Posturepedic Crown Jewel and other Sealy brand favorites, as well as premium models from other top brands in the sleep industry.

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