When you’re shopping for a new mattress, there are plenty of decisions you’ll have to make. From picking the best mattress brand to choosing between pillowtop, memory foam, or hybrid mattresses, there are many different steps in the process. But perhaps one of the most important questions you’ll have to ask yourself is: How do I decide between a queen- or king-size bed?

Picking the right mattress size can make a world of difference in how well your bed serves your individual needs, whether you’re searching for a mattress for yourself, a family member, or even just a guest room. It can be difficult to know whether a queen or king bed is better for your space, but buying a new mattress is a decision that shouldn’t be made without ample information.

To make it easier for you to choose between king- and queen-sized mattresses, we’re taking a deep dive into the factors you should consider when shopping for a bed. Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll feel well-prepared to make a smart investment in your sleep.

Queen vs. King Bed: Factors to Consider 

There are a few clear differences between king- and queen-sized mattresses, and a couple that are less obvious. Understanding the factors that distinguish each size can make the choice that much easier.

Size and Dimensions

Both king and queen mattresses measure 80 inches long, which is suitable for even taller sleepers. However, a king is 76 inches wide, whereas a queen is 60 inches. The 16-inch difference is substantial, and definitely worth noting – especially if you’re expecting the mattress to comfortably fit two individuals.


The price of both mattress sizes can vary dramatically depending on factors like brand, materials, and construction. Usually, a king bed will be more expensive than its queen-sized counterpart, simply because it’s larger. However, the difference isn’t typically a deal-breaker for most mattress shoppers.

Availability of Accessories

When it comes time to buy accessories, such as sheets and mattress protectors, you should have no problem for both king- and queen-sized beds. Virtually every mattress store will offer a plethora of options for each because they are two of the most popular sizes on the market.

Room Size

Since a king-sized bed is considerably larger than a queen, it’s usually better-suited for larger rooms (such as master bedrooms). Queen beds can be a good space-saving measure, which makes them a solid option for guests’ and kids’ bedrooms.

Differences Between a King- and Queen-Sized Mattress 

If you’ve worked your way through the factors listed above, but you still aren’t set on a final decision, here’s a quick summary of each mattress size to help you make a decision.

King-Size Mattresses

For couples, a king-sized mattress is an outstanding choice – but that’s not to say that solo sleepers should forget about this option. Having the extra space that a king bed provides allows for both people to sleep comfortably, or even for a single sleeper to make the most of their rest space. Especially during warm summer months, the extra room you gain with a king bed makes it easier to stay cool and comfortable, which is key to a good night of sleep.

Much like queen beds, king mattresses are very common. So, you can easily shop for king-sized bed linens, mattress protectors, and other accessories at a range of prices.

Queen-Size Mattresses

If you’re planning to be sleeping alone, or if you’re part of a couple that doesn’t mind sleeping close, then a queen-sized bed may provide ample space. Instead of settling for a full (or twin) bed, you can enjoy having lots of space to stretch out and relax. A queen-size bed is particularly useful in rooms where you’re limited on space, or if you’re working with a slightly smaller budget. 

Since queen beds are among the most popular mattress sizes, you should have no problem finding a great selection of accessories, including mattress protectors, sheets, and comforters. Plus, you’ll have your choice of many high-rated mattress brands, many of which offer queen mattresses made from a range of materials.

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