Although you may not give much thought to your nightly sleeping position, it can have a major impact on not only your quality of sleep but also your day-to-day health. If you’re wondering, “What is the best sleeping position?” or “What is the right way to sleep?”, it’s not necessarily a one-size-fits-all answer.

On Your Back

Despite the fact that not many people sleep on their back, it’s the best sleeping position for neck pain and acid reflux issues. This position keeps your head, neck, and spine in an excellent neutral position, and also eliminates excess pressure in these areas. However, it’s not an ideal position for those with sleep apnea or chronic snoring. Be sure you use a supportive pillow that elevates your head to a proper position.

On Your Side

Side sleeping is also a good option since the elongation of your spine helps prevent neck and back pain. The straight, flat position of your body can also ward off acid reflux and indigestion, and open airways minimize snoring and sleep apnea. A good mattress will ensure that your pressure points are comfortable and properly supported.

On Your Side, In the Fetal Position

The fetal position is a slightly more compact version of the side position and has most of the same benefits. Pregnant women will find this a beneficial position for circulation. However, curling up too tightly can be a problem for people with arthritis and joint pain, but you can reduce hip strain by placing a pillow between your knees.

On Your Stomach

Stomach sleeping is good for eliminating snoring but is otherwise a less than ideal choice. It can lead to serious neck and back pain, as well as sore joints. If you choose to sleep this way, prop your forehead on a good pillow to help improve alignment.

“Freefall” Position

“Freefall” is a stomach-based position, with your head turned to the side and your arms tucked under the pillow. Also good for snoring, this position is slightly better than flat stomach sleeping because your arms can help support your neck.

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