Spring and summers in Arizona are usually anything but cool. When the temperature soars day and night, how can you find the comfort you need for a deep, restful sleep?
Here are five easy and refreshing ideas that can help you stay cool to get the sleep you need:
Use Fans to Create a Breeze. Turn on the ceiling fan above your bed. The breeze will help you stay cool. You can also combine the ceiling fan with a portable fan on the ground to create a cross breeze to keep you even cooler.

Watch When You Eat to Beat the Heat. Keeping yourself cool at night doesn’t begin when the sun goes down. Your body produces its own heat, which can work against you when you’re trying to fall asleep. Stay hydrated throughout the day and tap into your body’s own cooling system. Instead of three large meals, eat smaller meals more frequently to reduce the heat that is produced by metabolism, and avoid eating large amounts before going to bed.

Lighten Up Your Pajamas and Sheets. It only makes sense to wear loose, comfortable clothing on hot nights. Cotton sleepwear, or forgoing sleepwear period, is a great way to ditch an extra layer of warmth during the night. Take the same approach to your bedding by using light-colored and lightweight sheets that allow your body to breathe and promote ventilation. Mattress360 also stocks bedding made from materials such as bamboo which have been proven to make for a cooler sleeping experience.

Freeze a Hot Water Bottle. At first, using a hot water bottle to stay cool seems counter-intuitive. However, by getting creative, you can stay cool without cranking the air conditioner. Just fill a hot water bottle with water and freeze it. At night, put it at your feet, creating a cool little area next to your toes. Couple this by taking a cool shower to cool down your body and then going to bed.

Upgrade Your Mattress and Pillows. Mattress professionals, such as the knowledgeable folks at Mattress360, are quite familiar with the heat produced on an Arizona night. We can help you navigate the new world of cooling foam and gel technology that are used to promote sleep comfort. Come find the perfect mattress to help you sleep. You can also find special pillows that can keep your head cool, even during those triple-digit temperatures.
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