Getting the proper amount of sleep each night is essential for maintaining a healthy mind and body. Here are several different tips you can use to ensure that your body receives the proper amount of rest you need each night.
Get into a Sleeping Routine 
Going to bed every night at the same time helps your body with its natural sleeping cycle. While REM – rapid eye movement – is occurring, your eyes are moving quickly in many different directions until you reach a dream state where your heart rate begins to slow down and your body temperature naturally drops. Once your body has gone through these steps, it enters into a deep sleep phase. The deep sleep phase is the most important part of the night because this phase helps keep your body and mind healthy and strong and free from illness.
Snack on Foods that Contain Melatonin 
Melatonin is a natural chemical our body produces to help us fall into that deep sleeping phase that is essential for keeping our immune systems healthy and strong. As we get older, melatonin begins to be produced less and less within our bodies, which can create insomnia in some people. The best way to make sure your body receives the proper dose of melatonin it needs is by snacking on melatonin rich foods just before bedtime. Some foods that naturally contain melatonin are turkey, cherries, strawberries, walnuts, grapes and tomatoes.
Wind Down 30 Minutes before Bedtime
Winding down 30 minutes before bedtime is essential for easing yourself quickly to sleep as soon as you get into bed. Give yourself an electronics “curfew” and avoid work or stressful interactions. Some of the ways you can help yourself wind down are by sipping on some caffeine-free herbal tea, drinking a warm cup of milk and honey, taking a calming lavender bath or reading your favorite book. Avoid caffeine for several hours before bedtime. Exercise as early in the day as possible, not at night. Exercising provides many health benefits including better sleep.
Sleep with the Lights Off
Many people will go to bed each night with at least a night light on, but having a night light on can actually interrupt the natural sleeping cycle and even prevent you from falling asleep. Shutting off all the lights and crawling into bed will help ensure you get the rest you need.

Have Comfortable Bedding
Another way to make sure you get the proper amount of rest you need each night is by making sure you have a supportive, comfortable and cozy bed to sleep in. This means making sure your mattress provides you with the right support for your body, comfortable pillows to lay your head upon, and soft cuddly sheets and blankets to snuggle up with to provide you with warm and comfort.
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If falling asleep is still difficult after applying some of the important tips discussed here, visit your doctor. He or she may be able to help you determine what is causing your sleeping issue and prescribe a medication that can help you with sleeping. After all, getting a good night’s rest is important for keeping your mind and body healthy and strong.